• 01 Heraklion

    01 Heraklion


    We left Paris Orly under the heat, but it was unaware (or very little) only three hours away Heraklion was under the sun. It is understood that the wings of Icarus have melted. Here we are in Crete. I left this island long ago with lots of memories. Will I find them?

    Just out of the plane and the car jack, we reached our hotel in a maze (the place) small streets. It was evening, but already we exchanged pants and sneakers against shorts and sandals to go to dinner beside the sea. Did not take us more than 10 minutes to be in the Greek atmosphere. For example park the car anywhere on the street already narrow.

    And if we start with a sunset


    01 Héraklion

    This morning after taking a very hearty breakfast, we set off in the city. Heraklion (very recent name) was occupied by the Arabs, Venetians (who called Candia) and Turks.

    These are the Venetians who left the most visible traces: the port, some buildings and massive walls that still surround the city. Crete was considered an African head back to Europe or vice versa according to its terms. Heraklion has been the object of desire from the Greeks and all kinds of trafficking took place there including that of slaves.



    01 Héraklion

    The Church of St. Titus Catholic Church which was then a mosque and now Orthodox Church

    01 Héraklion01 Héraklion

    The Venetian city hall

    01 Héraklion

    Morosini fountain dating from 1628

    01 Héraklion01 Héraklion

    Market Street "1866", there is always fish, snails merchant, vegetables and Greeks who dispute coffee. But the tables of spices (now everything is in bags) and the craftsmen who were doing you a custom pair of sandals in 10 minutes gone. Real shops have pushed instead of old shops. It's more modern and we must move forward but we lost it smells and colors. Probably soon a shopping arcade (see the passage of Havre in the Saint Lazare in Paris).

    01 Héraklion01 Héraklion01 Héraklion01 Héraklion01 Héraklion01 Héraklion01 Héraklion

    The Venetian walls

    01 Héraklion01 Héraklion01 Héraklion

    The fishing port

    01 Héraklion01 Héraklion01 Héraklion01 Héraklion

    01 Héraklion01 Héraklion01 Héraklion01 Héraklion

    Under the sun

    01 Héraklion



    Hôtel LENA 10 Lahana str. 71202 Iraklion Crete Tel. +30 2810 223280


    Breakfast plentiful, near the port; air-conditioned, quiet. francophone





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