• 03 Saint-Malo

    03 Saint-Malo


    Ok Ok. Saint-Malo is not in Normandy. But it is so close I'm going to bend and assume. And then of course my ancestors were Normans, but Brittany (South, but Brittany). Saint-Malo in Brittany.

    If I tell you that on the beautiful beaches of the bay, one of the sports activities in the yachting like Fort-Mahon in Picardy. If you notice that along the coastal road, mills, now converted into a house, planted every two hundred meters. You will conclude that it must often be windy and you have won.


    3 Saint Malo

    It's May 1st and we arrived in Saint-Malo is disturbed by the labor parade. A small fifty people in my and 200,000 according to organizers, manifests itself in the wind and cold.

    3 Saint Malo3 Saint Malo3 Saint Malo

    3 Saint Malo

    The ancient walls and Surcouf.

    3 Saint Malo3 Saint Malo

    Another child of Saint-Malo: Jacques Cartier. Nod to Quebeckers who regularly frequent this blog. It's a shame the statue is quite modern and I think allows evil to imagine the inventor of Canada. This summer I attended the start of the race solo Quebec Saint-Malo. And here now looking toward the west, we should see the Canadian land.

    3 Saint Malo3 Saint Malo

    In Saint-Malo, the streets are narrow and crowded houses. But at least, as in Mont-Saint-Michel, the effects of wind are not felt.

    3 Saint-Malo3 Saint-Malo


    3 Saint-Malo3 Saint-Malo

    Some crepes & galettepancakes later we are in the cathedral where Jacques Cartier knelt before leaving for Canada. During the last war the building was badly damaged.

    3 Saint-Malo3 Saint-Malo

    Yes we are in Britain

    3 Saint-Malo3 Saint-Malo

    Return the sea had already left

    3 Saint-Malo3 Saint-Malo3 Saint-Malo

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