• 07 Rouen 2

    07 Rouen 2
    And finally some pictures of Rouen Cathedral. It really is a beautiful building that miraculously survived the bombings of World War II.

    Because of its arrow (eighteenth century), which rises to 150 meters (a half Eiffel Tower), this is the highest Cathedral of France and it was the tallest building in the world in the nineteenth century.

    Obviously the facade is partly covered with scaffolding that obscures part of the building. The surrounding buildings, some of which were built after the war, did not allow for a sufficient distance to make a beautiful picture. There it seems inside the windows of the thirteenth century are the oldest in France. I do not see pus due to an office.

    Monet painted from a house opposite, conveyed his feelings much better than I and he made ​​dozens of paintings.


    7 Rouen 27 Rouen 2

    7 Rouen 27 Rouen 27 Rouen 2

    7 Rouen 27 Rouen 27 Rouen 27 Rouen 2

    7 Rouen 27 Rouen 27 Rouen 27 Rouen 2


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