• 12 Chania

    12 Chania


    Chania is our last step.

    The historic town is like Heraklion and Rethymnon built around the Venetian harbor. Chania was Minoan, Greek, Byzantine, Arab, Venetian, Turkish before returning to Greece. This mix of cultures is reflected in the architecture of buildings. The set is pretty good, but the entire old town is intended only to tourism. These are just restaurants, shops and other fish spa.

    The Venetian port of Chania has the characteristic of having no boats. These only come to embark tourists for mini-cruises. The reason is that the platforms are very low and as soon as the sea moves a little, they are well watered by the waves. The fear is that the boats are projected out of the water.

      The Mosque of the Janissaries is the symbol of the city. It now houses art creators. At night concerts are held outdoors. Here we do not have an apartment but an average hotel room almost. We have indeed a community kitchen on the terrace facing the mosque.

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     The Orthodox Cathedral

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    Shops and artisans. In fact, there is hardly any craftsmen. The leathers are worked in northern Greece.


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    The covered market, the only one of Crete, on a plane from Marseille (I do not know where he is in Marseille) and also turned to tourism. Be careful to look at the origin of products. And cinnamon comes from Indonesia (hence the interest to read the Greek). As in Heraklion spices are in bags .. What remains are the dishes from restaurants and excellent pastries.

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