• 14 Mortemer

     13 Mortemer


    After we left we head to Rouen, where a violent storm greets us soon arrived at the hotel.

    A report in Rouen until September, a sound and light show on the Cathedral from the dark. It's really well done and very spectacular. Two consecutive themes: Joan of Arc and the Impressionists.

    You will notice that it was the sales period

    14 Mortemer14 Mortemer

    14 Mortemer14 Mortemer14 Mortemer

    The day after returning to Paris through Lyons-la-Forêt, pretty little Norman village and are ruins of the Cistercian Abbey of Mortemer. Like many, they were disbanded after the revolution. Its ruins, less impressive than those of Jumièges, are still imbued with a certain romanticism. The flock of geese is also a factor.


    14 Mortemer14 Mortemer

    14 Mortemer14 Mortemer14 Mortemer14 Mortemer14 Mortemer14 Mortemer




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