• Along the Seine

     Along the Seine


    One morning last spring when it does not rain. No cars, no tourists. Just the Seine, bridges and islands of the Cité and St. Louis. To avoid having cars is a weekend. Tourists leave their hotel after breakfast. They do not lie, because at 9:00 all the buses are there. In this season, that leaves one hour between the first rays of sun and invasion.

    La Conciergerie and the Clock Tower.

    Bords de Seine Bords de SeineBords de Seine


    The Cité north bank


    Bords de Seine

    four bridges

    Bords de Seine

    Between the Isle St. Louis and the Cité

    Bords de Seine

    The Pont Marie

    Bords de SeineBords de Seine

    Facades of the Ile Saint-Louis. Rich homes. This summer I will do a picture with deciduous trees. We'll see a lot less buildings.

    Bords de SeineBords de Seine

    The Bridge Marie and the bridge Louis-Philippe.

    Bords de SeineBords de Seine

    Notre-Dame and the gardens of the Archdiocese

    Bords de Seine


    Opposite the Town Hall and its neo renaissance

    Bords de SeineBords de Seine



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