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    Australia 2013


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  •  Paris-Guangzhou-Sydney

     Thing does not hurt, I'll say something about the trip. Go to Australia begins with a test: the trip. It all starts at 8 am at Châtelet


    It takes a little less than 12 hours to arrive in Canton (Guangzhou Guangdong) and still good 9 hours to Sydney. It's long, not including the time of call. We flew Air France operated by China Southern. Nothing to say about the company despite what I had read about her: normal service, decent food, numerous films including some in French. The flight across Siberia, traveling through the night from two hours after leaving Paris, that is to say, at 14h. On arrival at Canton, it is still dark and the sun rises in the cold. The transit is no problem and Chinese control is very fast.


    The second flight is going on in the same conditions. These are the same movies, but fatigue catches up with us and we sleep some of the time. Arriving in Sydney is 21h local time or 29h after local RER Chatelet. Go to Australia, it is already the test of time as one day has already disappeared from our calendar.


    The passage of immigration is due to the long tail, but more smiles at the finish in the USA are encountered.

    And go for two weeks.

    Compared to Paris, we are the opposite of "mother earth." Everything is upside down. Driving is on the left (but the automatic transmission makes things easier) is the longest of the year Dec. 20 date, it's summer in December, it's 30 ° C for 22 hours. And surprisingly, we do not need our special shoes flies suckers because we truly understand the hanging to the ground.



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  • Sydney 1


    During this first day, we expect my son trainee who comes from the north of Oz and try to recover the fatigue of the journey.

    Our hotel is just steps from the Australian city, like butterflies and we are attracted to the opera. On Saturday morning, a lot of traffic but no plugs. Once we leave the axis William Street, it's rather quiet. Atmosphere suburban downtown. It reminds me of Vancouver. Sydney is 5 million people (a quarter of the Australian population).


    Sydney 1Sydney 1Sydney 1Sydney 1Sydney 1Sydney 1

    There are 48 hours we had our jackets we bartered for our sandals and shorts. Here are short skirts and dresses beaches. He is hot indeed when we enter the very large and very beautiful Royal Botanic Garden. This garden is very British attached to the famous opera. Many families go there with umbrella and cooler. We mistakenly believe that the beach is at the end. No beach, but tonight a charity concert of Christmas carols is broadcast on TV. It is 11:00 and the lawn is already full.

    Sydney 1Sydney 1

    Australians prepare to celebrate Christmas with the rites of the northern hemisphere with snow, reindeer and Santa Claus and songs that go well. Mails snow here they do not know it, especially now. So they compensate: plastic reindeer antlers on the heads of men and dogs, cars and full Santa costumes and especially Mrs. Claus. The minimum is the red bonnet.

     Sydney 1Sydney 1

    Outside Santa Claus in shorts, there in the park many birds mostly unknown to us. Ibis replace our doves and colorful lorikeets eat noisily in the trees.

    Sydney 1Sydney 1Sydney 1

    And finally some pictures of the legendary opera we'll see the return.

     Sydney 1Sydney 1Sydney 1

    Sydney 1




    Ibis budget Sydney East 191-201 William Street Kings Cross  2010 Sydney

    Advantages: vibrant area, walking distance to city center and botanical garden transportation.

    Disadvantage: 20 AUD Parking, Rooms with a view of the opera (yes, really) are noisy as overlooking boulevard



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  • Katoomba

    A hundred kilometers from Sydney lie the Blue Mountains. They are not more than 1000 meters and the relief is reminiscent of Vosges. The comparison ends there. Most of it is inaccessible and villages are rather on the high plateaus. The eucalyptus tree that region of Australia occupy all the slopes and deep valleys. This is their fuel vapor that gives the name to these mountains. There are also giant ferns and giant ficus. The canopy is impressive. When you descend into the valley, it's very disorienting because it is unlike any European forest. Compared to Sydney, the temperature is back down.

    We stay in Katoomba that sounds like a nightclub ("Oh Macumba, Macumba, she danced all night ..."). The focal point is the Three Sisters; large blocks of stone clinging to the cliff. Either they did nothing special except their position above the wide valley covered with a carpet of jungle.

    We make a nice walk between Katoomba and Leura. Sometimes above the canopy of white cockatoos fly strip. In some places the Australian cicadas (at least twice as large as those we saw in Crete) make a sound permanent saw. . Down into the valley we use a "train" closer to an attraction Luna Park. An ascent by cable car. Downstairs, there are old coal mines. We walk on wooden walkways. The sounds of the forest are here irate cockatoo, screaming parrots and we get to see Mrs. lyrebird which unfortunately remained silent.







    Echo Point Motor Inn 18 Echo Point Road,Katoomba  NSW  2780 

    tél:02 4782 2088lv


    Motel à 5mn à pied des 3 soeurs. Evite de payer le parking. Très bon accueil


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