• Cluny

    A few days in Burgundy.

    Let's start with the south Cluny. Around the year three thousand Cluny abbey churches I, II and Cluny and Cluny III finally were built on the site. Cluny III was still the largest church in the christian world until the construction of St. Peter's in Rome. The monks who occupy the place interpret the rule Benoit (Prayer and Work) to their own receipe. They do not work and "sell" their prayers to bring money nobles who wish to redeem their sins. By Cluny addition gigantism, wealth is spread readily. All this lasted until some decide to dissent and regain purity by melting Cîteaux. But what will mark the site as we know it today is obviously the revolution which saw the dissolution of the religious orders and sales as a career abbey. This is the downfall of Cluny who had so much influence on the christian world .

    Today, there is almost nothing outside the small clock tower and bell tower of one of the transepts. They were not destroyed because the inhabitants of the neighborhood were afraid that the destruction damaging their homes. Obviously, they did not have our current demolition techniques. What little is left, still gives us an idea of the huge monastery that was there. On the site, reposition several screens virtual reality abbey in the landscape.





    The buildings are currently occupied by prestigious engineering school: Ensam (Arts et Métiers)




    The granary flour of the thirteenth century with its beautiful structure. It outlines the columns that surrounded the heart of Cluny III. The first is vintage inspired and the other  evoke monks trades.



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