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    April 14. A memorable date. For me. And for all Parisians. Today we have a sudden forgot the gray, cold, snow pluis, small cold mornings in winter. Suddenly, it's 25 ° C, it is fine. Yesterday the rain was there and wanted to get under the covers in mid-afternoon.

    Paris took a summer air We know that this will not last very long. But it was some months that we had not had such a day. Obviously, the coats were dropped to the bottom of cabinets out in the fall. And all Parisians are out. The gardens have experienced a summer use for some there is a bit of water and greenery. Some had left the sunscreen and towels. Because what is missing in Paris, it is the sea.

    Today, I was in the Bastille at the star through the Seine, the Marais, the Tuileries and the Champs Elysees. I took some pictures to show the relaxed crowd was sunbathing. It falait between 15 and 30 minutes to reach an ice cream or a refreshing, as well as for joining Vuiton (as Asian) and in Abercrombie (not just women).


    La Bastille boulevard Henri 4


    The school Charlemagne and the enclosure of Philippe August


    A medieval house Miron street's oldest Paris?


    Une vitrine typiquement parisienne


    City Hall. There are not many people ....


    The Pont Neuf


    And the crowd (yesterday morning I was alone).


    I got back by the Louvre





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