• Dijon

     With a well cloudy days, we go for a short visit to Dijon. It is the ancient capital of the Dukes of Burgundy.

    We start by getting on the high Philippe Le Bon tower in the 15th century.

      A bat carved up the stairs to 300 steps shows us his big ears.



    From the top of the tower, we can admire the historic Dijon.



    Above the Notre-Dame de Dijon with its pounding jacquemart hours since 1383 It is a war prize of Philip the Bold. It comes from the belfry of Kortrijk. The facade of the church has grimacing gargoyles. It freaked.


    Inside a Black Madonna (here dressed) of the 11th century among the oldest in France. Finally, the windows redone in the 19th century except for five of them below, which date from the 13th century.


     Leaving the church, the street of the owl (rue de la chouette) and its neighbors, show beautiful mansions of the 15th century.




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