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    We dug into the limestone plateau. Quercy is composed of limestone plateaus old settling ponds. Erosion has holes everywhere and the area is a kind of geological Swiss cheese. We've been to the caves where we were before our very distant grandparents. But there, we dug into the limestone plateau, physically at -75 meters. In the Padirac.

    The gulf is a large hole 35 meters in diameter of the collapse of the ceiling of a huge cave.


    Des gouffres et des rocsDes gouffres et des rocs

    To get down, you must first make a very long tail. And this goes for us ... 1:30 by pointing to the opening !! Remember that it is possible to eliminate the tail by booking online. But there are so few places, that we must really take in advance. After down even further underground, we joined a pier to go hiking on a boat. This achieves the monumental halls. There's no human prints, but work hard water and time. Large stalactites (at least 60m), draperies and concretions shaped plates provide a great spectacle. By not against small concretions, lace, finesse than the gigantic. Some blurry photos taken since the sly.

    Des gouffres et des rocsDes gouffres et des rocsDes gouffres et des rocsDes gouffres et des rocsDes gouffres et des rocs

    It was the second time I've been in this temple tourism. I liked it, despite the tail and that the guides are not used much. Little effort on teaching. But this is a matter that is moving.

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