• Fontenay

    Still up north, you can see the Abbey of Fontenay. It is 12th century Cistercian, created by the founder Bernard Cistercian. Unlike its parent, it is no longer occupied by monks since the revolution. Yet it is "intact." The buildings of the 12th century show us all the austerity and purity required by the founders. Unlike other abbeys, Fontenay escaped destruction because the buildings were purchased after the revolution into a printing press. In 20th century, the owners have de-industrialized the site and offers to visitors a superb monument.

    Although more modest than Cluny, one is struck by the size of the abbey which was intended only for monks not many.


    Burgundian virgin 13th century altarpiece carved stone. Such a series of tombstones. I chose this one for the little dog in the bottom left that has a very modern look.



     The entire cloister with very clean lines.


    The chapter house.


     The reconstruction of the forge. The monks worked the iron ore mined nearby.






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