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    While in Nimes, we pushed to the Pont du Gard and Anduze bamboo.

    This is the mistral that welcomes us. We do not regret not being returned to the sea. Pont du Gard is an aqueduct that supported a pipe used to supply water to the city of Nimes. As was the water crosses the Gardon and remains at the same altitude to allow the water to flow, the Romans made ​​this bridge. Built as the arena in the first century, this well-preserved monument and an example of Roman science in the field of water. Some blocks weigh up to 6 tons, and all this is mechanically without any mortar. A real slog. The aqueduct is the highest in the world (Roman).

    It was possible once free access to the bridge. Today, admission is charged. A little pricey when it spends little more than an hour.

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    A little farther east, at the foot of the Cevennes, the village of Anduze, hosts a bamboo. It is in the nineteenth century that the first bamboo planted by an agronomist. Today it is a forest of 30 hectares. For the public, landscapes have been built as a Japanese garden and a Laotian village. Other species are present as redwoods. Here over mistral, but a real summer heat.

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