Leaving Melbourne we follow the coast to the west by the Great Ocean Road. The most beautiful road in the world according to the Australian. Let's not exaggerate. It is a road with beautiful views of the ocean but there are others who compete at the landscape level as the road through the Lofoten or one that runs along the southern coast of Crete. But here we are in the myth. The ocean is now called Indian. But mostly it's the side of surfing. It is here that many test runs of the World Cup. Here were born Rip Curl and Quick Silver.

    So we go through Torquay surfing capital. We especially see shops.


    Torquay after we go to the legendary Bells Beach. Mentioned in the movie Point Break (but was filmed in Oregon), this spot has good very large regular waves; among other Long Wave. The water is colder than Sydney. We did not swim because besides the waves are impressive, the currents are strong.


     The road passes through the Great Otway National Park. A new large eucalyptus forest. If you go there, take the small road to the Cape Otway Lightstation. Not necessarily to see the lighthouse, whose input is a bit expensive, but to see free and very colony koalas sleeping in the trees.

    GOR  GOR


    And mom...koala...


    She gets back




    The highlight of the GOR is the grandiose spectacle offered by The Twelve Apostles. These are produced by erosion of the cliff rock formations. Regularly they collapse. There are already over 12 and in a while there will be more. Again the wave trains are impressive.






    Port Campbell Hostel 18 Tregea St, Port Campbell, Port Campbell, Victoria
    Tél: 03 5598 6305


    Hostel. Modern and clean. Shared kitchen facilities. Free wifi for an hour per person (like this deserves three)


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