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    When I left Paris, the gray and drizzle gathered to welcome July. So I went to the South and I stopped in Nîmes to explore a weekend around the region of the Rhone delta.

    I have not found Nîmes lively. Was it because of the mistral?

    Roman amphitheater ("The Arena"). It dates from the first century and contemporary of the Colosseum in Rome or the arenas of Arles.



    Maison Carree. This temple dedicated to Augustus from the early first century. Its state of preservation is remarkable. In a few days in Greece, we will not see so well-preserved monuments of this Maison Carree, although obviously it is more recent.


    There are not as Roman monuments in Nîmes. For example, the Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Castor. Although it was restored and partly rebuilt, this Romanesque cathedral to keep his Roman capital of the twelfth century, again inspired by the Romans.





    Ibis Style Nîmes gare centre 19 Rue Boissy d'Anglas, 30900 Nîmes




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