• Phillip Island

    Phillip Island


    We left the GOR to go beyond Melbourne on Phillip Island. The road passes inland. We cross the regions of dairy farms and meat. We are at the end of the year and here they are haying. We pass through villages that are all alike: some western high street stores, agricultural machinery, gas stations ... The temperature rose to 38 ° C.

    Arriving at Melbourne we find that it's off on vacation. Kilometers of traffic jam out of the city to the west. Arriving at Phillip Island, we also are treading water. We were not accustomed to. It is true that here it is the summer holidays and the whole area is very popular. I had found the time to make my hotel reservations. The temperature dropped 17 ° C . In Melbourne they say he can have four seasons in one day.

    Phillip Island is famous for: its penguins  , koalas and wild coast. We wanted to see the "penguin parade". Unfortunately we did not book and there it is full. We console ourselves by saying we've seen the critters free (here it's more expensive). More on Phillip Island parade seems dramatized. To see the koalas on the island, it takes more than 20 dollars. We headed to the south end of the island that is home to a colony of seagulls. There are also seals, but probably not in this season.


    Philippe IslandPhilippe IslandPhilippe IslandPhilippe Island

    The show is great on the sunset. The waves are huge, especially in the wind storm. As often happens here gateways allow us to appreciate the view. Seagulls struggling against the wind. Nesting boxes have been built and in each of them a little penguin. A wallaby grazing quietly   .

    Philippe IslandPhilippe IslandPhilippe IslandPhilippe IslandPhilippe Island

    In the evening we eat Nepali at the  village feast. By driving the next day, we take a look at the pelicans.



    KOALA PARC RESORT 1825 Phillip Island Road, Cowes,Victoria

    tél: 03 5952 2176


    Accommodation on Phillip Island is expensive, because it is a resort area for Merbourniens

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