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    When it comes to travel, there are still memories. What can we learn from my time at the Aussies? Firstly it's far, far away. During this trip I was beyond my limits. Tip: go in the Southern Hemisphere, go down the south and closer to the rising sun. My western boundary to be Vancouver Island is very far from my new border in the east. There is a whole vast ocean between. From winter in Australia is very brutally to jump in July. It's a bit confusing, but we quickly forget the cold. The small end of this continent that we flew over is the size of France. Not only is the other side of the world, but it is also very big.

    Australia is already an expensive because of the travel destination. Then life for the traveler is rather expensive restaurants and hotels. Make picnics are welcome to not strain the budget. Gasoline is cheap. Its price is the same as in France, but expressed in AUD which is still a saving of 30%. The pump price varies greatly, it is often more expensive in rural areas and the like on the highways. Driving is on the left and not as cool as in the Americas. We feel the European gene Oz. The wifi is very rarely free and still pretty expensive.

    In this great country full of kangaroos (it seems), Australians seem pretty relaxed. The Asian presence is impressive. We ate a lot Asia. It must be said that the Australian food we approached was based burger with beetroot, it is true. No, we did not eat the great Australian specialty breakfast: Vegemite. Only felt and it is already the adventure.

    Another memory is throwing boomerang. It was in a run by an Aboriginal community park. The seller for us to prove the quality of his boomerangs, went with us to demonstrate. After explaining the technique and everything was in the movement of the arm, he threw his boomerang which obviously did not return and went to get lost in the bushes. After this brilliant demonstration, he remained very phlegmatic and not even fetched his craft.

    In these large eucalyptus forests, the colorful and noisy birds, all strangers, are part of the Australian postcard. The other cool animals or less, too. All this wildlife is Australia. We feel that the wealth of Australia is that nature still untouched. The white man is not a patch in that territory. The isolation of this country away from it all with his strange and dangerous to some animals might suggest a forgotten world.


    One of the iconic places in our world


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    Boing, boing, boing

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     The other animal symbol

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    See the bird section, there are many

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    A descent into another world

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    The Pacific and Southern Oceans

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    For this trip, there are not many guides. Lonely Planet (this brand is of Australian origin), is disappointing: do not expect him to know the system of public transport in Sydney for example.



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