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    This morning I made ​​an attempt to visit the Tour Saint-Jacques. I will try another time because there was no room. I fell back on the towers of Notre Dame.

    So I made a visit to a Paris that never does. As I'm not quite Paris for a few months, it's a place where I can go. First, we must make a time line at the opening. This is probably why the Parisians are content to go inside the cathedral. Then you start to climb up wickets in the upper room.



    Then it was a series of spiral staircases. There are a total of 400 steps to reach the top of the right tower. Before reaching the top of the belfry, it runs a gallery where you can see up close the chimeras of Notre Dame. The first is the Stryge that inspired Disney. But there are many who observe the city and are rather disturbing. These monsters are only there for decoration, not features like gargoyles that serve as evacuation of rainwater.

    The whole visit takes place inside a cage. Certainly since tourists killed themselves. This is taken at the beginning of Amelie Poulain.

    Unfortunately this year it is impossible to see the bells. That would have made a nice connection with Villedieu-les-Poêles.






    At the top, it's probably one of the best views of Paris. You easily will recognize the different monuments.




    And gargoyles for 850 years and see the Seine flow Parisian bustle.


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