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    I have been getting a little round at Roland Garros, not for the aviator, but for international tennis Paris.

    For two weeks (without qualifications); the players give the show a twenty court. This year the winner pocketed 1,650,000 euros and losers of the first round 24,000 euros. Well, they have fees. Roland Garros is also a business: everything is very expensive. Whether the seats (300 euros to more than 1000), hotdogs and all the designer items. In short, you have to be invited. And that was my case.

    First direction village. Yep class.



    This is where being photographed all peoples.

    Back to the village, you have to be accredited and have all their documents in rules. Even if they have seen you spend 5 minutes before and are carried at no sesame, you do not spend. I actually lost this document, and we had to call security and double-check everything so I can re-enter the VIP area. What is very striking on the site is the number of people who control the access points. They are respectively two and there are many access.

    Not far from the village, there is the TV area. This is a work the name of the game at Roland Garros. Outside the half, it's a parking lot. Within hours, this place is becoming a global telecommunications center with three floors of Algeco and many OB. In one of these temporary buildings, a working team of a large computer company and partner of the tournament, the three letters next to the net.



    It is composed of Americans who travel to tournaments tournaments and do the same job around the globe. Their thing is, the statistical analysis from millions of information from live data and past tournaments. Through software and a big computing power it found to predict what will allow a player to win this particular match. If a player plays well but does not meet the given criteria, he loses his match fail. These "keys to the game" are available on the website but not the players.

    IBM (oh I said), provides complete IT Roland Garros, which employs 300 people year-round and 20,000 for two weeks: Website, Ticket radar ball speed, manual data collection (two on each short count aces, faults ...), statistics published during telecasts. It is also a showcase of expertise in terms of Big Data, predictive capacity, data security ...

    Among all Algeco there has governed cars. By at least one court.



    While the flow is in the mastery France Television that does not skimp on resources and resells worldwide. Roland Garros is probably partly the result of the work of France Television has allowed many a passion for tennis.


    The wide angle gives the impression that there is room, but actually it is very tight. In the background at center, is the director. It was on his shoulders that any dissemination rests. In its field is God. To his left the head of statistics supplied by the previous team. Its role is to produce and stage the figure interesting score, statistics ... His interventions are used to fill the air between games. But it is not safe, because the specialists working permanently idle that can offer an interesting scene. Finally, there is the special effects man offering images. The role of the director is to choose. Suffice to say that the fight is fierce and everything is going very fast. There are also those who care for cameras (some fifteen on the main court), sound, light to enhance the image, giving the impression of the sun, even if it rains.

    Mobile camera on a cable.



    The atmosphere



    But shh, enter the short (between games only).

    So yes, at Roland Garros, it's raining, it's not a legend.



    Linesmen (150 euros per day) are recorded regularly with a protocol worthy of the changing of the guard at Buckingham. Almost.

    The ball boys run a well orchestrated ballet.

    The cameras are ready



    Les peoples sont sortis du village et sont prêts


    The match begins.


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