• Stained Glass Windows 2

    Stained Glass Windows 2


    Dear visitor, here are other windows. Those of Notre Dame were in the shadows, they are in the light. The previous sub-heard a cetain recollection, they do imagine that with a permanent hubbub. Those of Notre Dame were in the Gothic and those who come to 33 meters high are Byzantine inspiration.


    What are these windows?


    Vitraux 2Vitraux 2Vitraux 2Vitraux 2

    If you think there is Galeries Lafayette, you won. Galeries Lafayette is now the store that has the biggest turnover in the world. This temple of consommatoin luxury with its 120 years and these 100,000 daily visitors far exceeds the cathedral that despite its 850 years only welcomes 30,000 visitors a day. This suggests that many tourists (Chinese, American, Japanese) are outside Notre Dame.

    Vitraux 2Vitraux 2Vitraux 2

    Vitraux 2

    Vitraux 2

    Vitraux 2



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