• Stained Glass Windows

     Stained Glass Windows


    This is the year of the 850 years of Notre-Dame. I thought she was older since the time we see it. Hausmann enlarged the court, it seems. Not enough yet to be able to take a picture of the monument not too distorted when one may not on the ground. Currently the front facade, a stage was set up for the celebrations which makes this impossible ..

    I will limit myself to show you some stained glass. Including of course the rosettes are still more than 9m in diameter.

    First the south. Feel free to enlarge the photos, because beyond the appearance fireworks of all, the detail is remarkable.


    Vitraux 1Vitraux 1

    Vitraux 1


    The chevet east


     Vitraux 1Vitraux 1Vitraux 1Vitraux 1Vitraux 1Vitraux 1


    In the north, there are stained glass windows

    Vitraux 1

    Vitraux 1

    Vitraux 1

    Again the chevet

    Vitraux 1

    And to the choir

    Vitraux 1

    Nothing on the escutcheon of the west facade, as it is masked by the great organ ... instead two details of the choir


    Vitraux 1Vitraux 1



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