• The Beach

     The Beach


    Really, we prefer to stay in the wild that to use bitumen cities. Before leaving Australia we decide to go to a park an hour from Sydney: the Ku-Ring-Gay Chase NP. We cross the city and its suburbs more or less easily and very quickly, we find the forest. Upon arrival at the park, we fulfill our $ 11. It's the only one we have paid the entry fee without ever trying to jump the queue. The French have a very bad reputation and we would not want to feed it (In Australia the "French shopping" is the shoplifting !!).

    We are going directly to West Heas Lookout to admire the view. Our picnic that day that showed very frugal but not uninteresting since we met Joanna. As a little later, there were eagles, I wonder if Bernard and Bianca was not in the corner. Joanna is actually Varanus varius, the second largest lizard of Australia and the fifth largest in the world. If it is called in French Varan Calico, a more generic Australian monitor lizards called goannas. So Joanna the goanna who posed for us.


    La plageLa plageLa plage

    And besides it climbs tree; much less so cute koalas

    La plage

    In these tropical forests there is the incessant noise of the cicadas. This is a loud and deafening noise caused by giant grasshoppers, far removed from the song of their Provençal counterparts.

    La plage

    There are also other animals

    La plage

    There are even more normal animals

    La plageLa plage

    And we become party under a blazing sun. First a plateau overlooking the canopy and the way that tumbles into the ocean through the rainforest. Along the way rocks carved by Aborigines.

    La plageLa plageLa plageLa plage

    La plageLa plageLa plageLa plage

    After three kilometers, we arrived at Resolute Beach. It was nice on this holiday and this summer we end.

    La plageLa plageLa plageLa plage

    La plage


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