• Vézère Valley

     Vézère Valley


    During a weekend on the side of Quercy, we took a walk in the valley of the Vézère.

    Vézère, passes through the Dordogne, is entitled to the prestigious site listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This country chestnuts and breeding geese and ducks did not receive his award for his very beautiful villages, but for countless prehistoric sites. The valley is characterized as the cradle of mankind. We visited two sites, Lascaux II and Rouffignac Cave.

    The original Lascaux cave is no longer visitable for the common man. This restriction was implemented because of the degradation caused by the influx of visitors (release of CO2 and organic change). So we visit a cave facsimile of the original. There will be no photos because the shots are prohibited. The decoration of the walls is beautiful. Many horses in three colors.

    The cave of Rouffignac has only drawings engraving or black. She has multiple mammoths, which is very rare, since the cave has a quarter of all global reproductions mammoths. The visit is in an electric train. It was a bit like descending into a mine. The descent is over one kilometer. I already find scary and sink underground. Prehistoric men would have good reason to go into the subterranean blackness, ancient caves inhabited by bears.

    The drawings are about 15 000 years. Cro Magnon (the remains of the man were found in Mr. Magnon) or Magdalenian was like us (size, intelligence). They did not live in caves that were more places of worship. The few artists who tagged the walls had an amazing sense of proportion and use the relief. They knew the perspective and abstraction. The prospect has returned to painting during the Renaissance. This gives a very modern comic aspect. They knew represent a mammoth two traits.

    Go to the websites of these caves for you realizing it.




    Some facsimiles of mammoths.

    Vallée de la VézèreVallée de la VézèreVallée de la Vézère





























    To visit, you must arrive early (at opening) for all sites, the number of visitors is limited enrollment. If possible book. It's cold in the caves, you have to cover.

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